Lenticular Promotional Products

Gift Cards

Animated gift cards offer a way to ensure that your cards stand out among the others on store shelves. Gift cards made with lenticular printing provide a win for both the retailer and the consumer. Retailers enjoy a boost in gift card sales, and consumers can give a genuinely unique and special gift.

Tracer has years of experience manufacturing gift cards for a variety of merchants. Tracer's gift cards are unique in that the animation activates in a side to side direction, so consumers see the animation in play as they pass the shelf. Grab a piece of this multi-billion dollar industry with gift cards that act as a brand extension of your company.

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Revolutionize your marketing handouts with lenticular. If you are attending a trade show or conference, one way to get yourself remembered is with an animated handout. With printed materials, the key is to always set yourself apart from your competition, and one way to do this is with eye-catching animations.

Lenticular products are the best print media to tell your story. Animated prints can show a before and after, the function of your product in action, or perhaps just a vivid 3D scene with a portion of the image in animation to highlight your product or service.

With 3D & motion handouts you can help to build your brand, which can help to grow sales and cement your company as a force within your industry. As attendees return to their business and sort through the materials they've gathered, your animated message is one piece they're sure to keep to the forefront!

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Maximize the return on your promotional dollars by turning a one-dimensional coaster into a captivating 3D or animated branding opportunity. A coaster is typically one of the first things to go onto a table or bar top when customers are seated. Utilize this valuable time with a creative and fun animation showing your most popular beverage or menu items, while they wait for their beverage of choice. The visual activation of your brand or product will stay with them as they search the menu for their selection of drinks and meals.

Coasters are often considered a takeaway item, further expanding your reach into their homes for friends and family to see. Several versions can be printed on a single press sheet, for that variety will keep them actively engaged throughout their meal.

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Graphics Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a staple of every special family event. Despite the advent of eCards, the joy in giving a greeting card is in watching them open it, and seeing their response as they read and share your card. With lenticular greeting cards, you can have both the uniqueness of funny or eye-catching animation and a price point that makes the buying choice easy.

Tracer can work with you to dial into a signature look for your brand and will suggest animation options you might not envision yourself.

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More and more businesses are choosing alternative promotional products, in an attempt to bring their campaigns to life. Among the many novelties on the market, lenticular printing stands out as it piques a consumer's interest in a way no other visual can, breathing new life into boring promotions.

There are several magnetic material options, each suited to a variety of size and weight specifications, as well as lens options designed for specific animations and viewing distances. At Tracer, we understand budget constraints and materials and strive to engineer each project to maximize these material costs, yet yield the most impactful animation possible from your artwork.

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Direct Mail

You only have a few seconds to capture your customer's attention, and what better way to achieve this than with a creative animation of the message you need to deliver. There is proven data that shows even traditional lenticular can raise product awareness and get consumers to look further into a volumetric 3D scene, or rotate a card to play an animation printed on the surface of a card. Just think what Tracer’s lenticular can do!

Get longevity from your direct mail campaign! Customers will not only remember the visual experience, and therefore the product or service, but they will hold onto the piece and interact with the animation again and again, and even willingly show it to others.

Leverage your marketing materials by integrating stunning 3D or custom animations, and extract much greater returns from your campaigns.

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Event Tickets

If you are planning a big event and are looking for ways to make attendees feel special in a less than conventional fashion, have you considered 3D or animated event tickets?

Music and sporting event tickets provide an incredible opportunity to be creative and pump-up anticipation before an event and remain after the event as a unique and memorable souvenir for fans. Make it more even more special with a lenticular ticket.
Tracer has produced lenticular tickets for customers as large as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and as small as a private party for that very special occasion.

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Internet marketing is ubiquitous, but many companies forget that traditional print marketing is necessary and is still an extremely effective way of activating your target audience. While a web search will yield a wealth of information, brochures offer a way for you to showcase your new products and services in great detail.

One of the keys to successful marketing is to create printed material that quickly excites the customer with a unique and focused presentation. Marketing companies try to attract customers in a variety of ways, but few succeed without high-quality print. A lenticular brochure can present a dynamic experience before even turning a page.

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Whether it’s a keepsake poster, a part of a critical marketing strategy, special announcement or a poster for sale in retail, lenticular mini-posters can be affordable at any quantity. Tracer has several lenticular production solutions that allow us to produce posters large and small, and very cost-effectively.

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Bottle Labels

Competition is fierce within the various segments of the beverage industry. Many consumers are very knowledgeable and well-informed —consumers who shop the label. With animation playing on the label, you now have an alternative method of catching a consumer’s attention for brands that have an edge to them. The artwork is very critical to yielding a label that can achieve the visual impact needed to garner attention. At Tracer, we specialize in optimizing artwork, and developing animations that are unique to your brand.

Lenticular labels have provided measurable success to a new wine by a large vintner in the US. The value of an interactive label keeps delivering way beyond the time of purchase.

We can now print on lens material as thin as 10mil and convert onto roll stock to fit within your current labelers' requirements.

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Magazine Tip-Ons

Lenticular tip-ons have been used with great success for comic book, magazine and catalog covers for many years.

Artwork for covers is typically some of the most creative artwork provided by customers, which further inspires our technicians to do some fantastic work. Whether you're looking for a solution to have your cover stand out above the rest on a magazine shelf, or wanting to ensure a potential customer will keep and browse your catalog, a lenticular cover will help you reach that goal.

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