Lenticular Point-of-Sale Solutions

How They Work

When you run into the grocery store you see them. The standalone floor displays that tout anything from disposable razors to chocolate bars. Often given valuable, high-traffic locations, these point-of-sale displays with their all-important headers have the power to reel customers in and drive sales. Like shelf danglers and wobblers, they are another critical tool in your point-of-sale campaign.

Stand Out with Lenticular Graphics Headers

Take your storefront from ordinary to scintillating with lenticular window or door clings. Our lenticular technology can transform a static image into a visual story, while a simple flip technique can quickly double your sign’s messaging potential. When the special or offer is over, peel off the window cling and replace it with a follow-up program.

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Hang Tags

Hangtag marketing has long been a staple in the advertising industry. Many companies use a variety of marketing methods to target consumers including a well-designed hang tag. Lenticular printing can be used to produce hangtags that truly jump out at your potential customers. It is vital for your hang tag marketing message to be experience loud, clear, and at first-glance..

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Lenticular Product Packaging

Ultimately, the goal of any package today is not only to carry the product, but to become a significant part of the overall marketing and promotional plan for that given product. Lenticular packaging will continue to deliver on both fronts, not just on the shelf, but in the home or office. Packaging must speak to the consumer, and it needs to get noticed and break through that cluttered retail environment. Animation can not only paint a picture but can also show the purpose and functionality of the product it’s showcasing.

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