Tracer Motion Graphics

Lenticular printing adds a jaw-dropping addition of dynamic imagery to any environment. Tracer’s Motion Graphics are superior to traditional lenticular products and are far more effective at grabbing attention and holding it than static images or video on a digital display.

Lenticular Effects

Tracer’s award-winning lenticular prints creates a high-impact visual experience that far exceeds that of traditional lenticular printing. It’s so much better, it’s in a class of its own.

Full Motion Video

Full Motion Video simulates a short video clip. A series of movie frames or sequential still images are integrated to present motion. Selecting the correct frame sequences from a video or set of stills allows us to create the illusion of viewing an entire range of animation as if it's live video. An up/down direction is the only option we recommend.


Tracer’s true volumetric 3D creates the illusion of the depth of a live scene. Some elements appear to be coming off the page, and others seem to be buried within the background of the scene.


The most versatile of all the effects, Flip involves the dynamic swapping of two or three images or a segment within an image. This effect is best at presenting before and after, or a quick transition from one image to another. Best used in an up-and-down direction for hand-held applications, but also works well in a side-to-side direction.


Morph transforms one image into another and works best when the images are similar in shape. A morph is a great way to show a logo or product changing from old to new. Best used in an up-and-down direction, but also works well in a side-to-side direction.


Zoom can bring an element from the background of an image to the foreground. The Zoom effect is perfect for highlighting specific products or important messages. It works best in an up-and-down direction but also works well in a side-to-side direction.


We know your artwork doesn't always fit in one of these categories. After we review your art, we may suggest an effect that is completely unique. You share your vision with us. Then we take it from there to develop your custom effect relative to the artwork you provide.side direction.


Our Clients

We’re proud of the long-term client relationships we’ve built and excited about bringing that experience to you.



Our Process


1. Client Inquiry

Email or call us to get things rolling. Together we’ll determine the best path forward. You may be ready to send over artwork. You might want to discover new creative possibilities, or you just might need a consultative partner to help you define what the outcome looks like and to map out the options to get there.

Contact Us

2. Creative Consultation

The success of a lenticular project relies in large part on the quality of the artwork. Since many of our clients are new to the process, we make ourselves available during creative development. We will recommend applications and help optimize art for the best animation to tell your story. Tracer is an industry leader in the development of intellectual property and partnering with Creatives. Consulting with Tracer early in the creative process enables you to maximize the efficiency and impact of your vision. We will listen to your needs and work with you to create inspired solutions.

3. Artwork Delivery

For large format lenticular printing, we request that artwork be delivered as layered Photoshop files at a minimum of 200dpi. For small format lenticular printing, we request that artwork be delivered as layered Photoshop files at a minimum of 300dpi.

File Prep Info

4. Proofing

Proofing is a multi-step process that begins with the creation of an electronic proof simulating the chosen lenticular effect. Upon your approval, we will generate a hard copy contract proof. With proof approval, final production begins. Please note, jobs with fewer than five pieces do not require a hard copy proof (unless requested).

5. Production

Depending on quantities, we complete most jobs in 5–10 working days or sooner. For jobs with custom finishing requirements, or high quantity large format lenticular projects, extended timelines may be required. Rush jobs will be accommodated at no extra charge when possible.